Garissa Women Rep Shamed for Calling Atwoli ‘Ugly and Disgusting’

Garissa Women Rep Shamed for Calling Atwoli ‘Ugly and Disgusting’

Garissa Women Rep Anab Subow Gure has triggered harsh reactions on Twitter after describing COTU Secretary Francs Atwoli as ‘ugly and disgusting’.

In a tweet that has been liked 3,000 times and retweeted 650 times, Hon. Anab Subow Gure, writes, “I was watching the ODM rally in Kakamega but when Atwoli came to the podium I just switched off the TV because in my culture we believe that when a pregnant woman looks at an ‘ugly disgusting’ person the baby will look just like that person. #KakamegaHostsBBI #BBINonsense.”

A tweet that attracted angry reactions from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

Check them out:

@DRatemo: @HonAnabGure Who told you that you are beautiful?yawk

@Akinyi19Abongo: Honorable bonoko, respect your elders!

@crazytojoin: How true. Islam doesn’t allow you to call anyone ugly. If you have a dislike, keep it to yourself. Respect the elders. Arrogance is from satan. Be careful such words do not come to bite you

@oyimbabrian: Masomo bado ni kidogo garissa.hii ni reasoning ya mp???

@afgangstar: U the reason why people don’t believe women in leadership can bring change, which is a wrong notion, we just have a wrong woman in that seat. Your husband should be ashamed to call you a wife.. We have women like rep

@LentoMemusi: But mheshimiwa your reasoning is equal to that of a zygote

@MartinMarete: My sincere condolences to the father of your baby. I hear children take after their Mum’s intelligence.
Rumplestiltskin #MakeMenGreatAgain

@AsumaEnock: You are the same kind of creature that called “respect for women” during the Babu Owino, Passaris and Alice Wahome fracas and you expect pple to express emotions just because it’s a woman wtf

@OwitiOyuko: That’s Allah’s Creation madam.
Appreciate what you’ve and stop looking down at others, don’t forget our history.

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