He is Finished, Ruto Opens Up Over Raila’s 2022 Presidency

Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday left Makueni residents in stitches after he tore into ODM leader Raila Odinga during the burial of ex-health CS Cleopa Mailu’s mother.

Speaking at the funeral, after taking over from Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka, Ruto tactically took a swipe at the  ODM leader Raila Odinga and the Kamba leader after he said he had one mistake to regret on.

Deputy President William Ruto shakes hand with Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

‘Makosa nilifanya, sikuambia Kalonzo kuwa yule mtu wa vitendawili hawezipita,’ said Ruto.

Loosely translated as: ” the mistake I made is failing to tell Kalonzo that the ODM leader Raila Odinga cannot win the election.”
DP Ruto also urged the Kamba region to stop Pushing Kalonzo hard for the presidency saying it is sometimes a misleading approach.

Ruto added that he had tried to support Raila for the presidency just like Kalonzo but their course had proved futile after the ODM leader failed to clinch the seat on several attempts.

“Mimi nilijaribu kusaidia Raila ikashindakana. Wewe umejaribu kusaidia Raila ikashindakana. Mimi nimesaidia Uhuru amekua Rais na sasa ndo huyu anaenda retire,” he said.

Loosely translated as;  ” I  have tried to help Raila to be the president and it failed. Kalonzo has also tried two times and it has failed also. But I have helped Uhuru to be the president and now he is serving his second term and is on the verge of retiring.”

The DP asked the  Kamba community not force Kalonzo for the top seat urging them to embrace the handshake deal by engaging with other leaders in their quest to have a president from their region.

“Nasikia mukiambia Stephen that kulia Kushoto lazima ukue rais lakini ata Mimi niliambiwa hivo . Lakini nilikuja nikapima wenye kusimama ni wengii lakini kushinda ni tofauti. ( I have heard you telling Kalonzo that he must be the president come rain or sunshine. Even me I was told the same but I have come to assess that there is a big difference between standing for the presidency and winning it).

“Kwa hivyo musipatie Kalonzo masharti atii lazima usimame. Mwambieni aende apange na wenzake alafu tuone. Wewe unajuaje pengine bahati inaweza kumwangukia yeye. Kwa hivyo twende pole pole . ( For that reason do not give conditions to Kalonzo that he must stand for the presidency. Tell him to go and consult with others if luck falls on him that’s fine. let us go slowly),” he said.

Ruto also cautioned Kalonzo from politicians with self-interests saying the majority of them are only keen with their positions without caring whether he will get the top seat or not.

“Unajua Kalonzo Hawa watu saa zingine wanatuenjoi. Unajua mtu anakaa hapo anaona bora Kalonzo asimame urais Mimi ntapata kiti yangu ya ubunge, ntapata kiti yangu ya Seneta, akikosa,apate hiyo ni shauri yake. Kwa hivyo lazima sisi tupime hawa watu wasituangushe wakitafuta viti vyao( you Know Kalonzo, politicians are playing a con game. They are calculating for themselves that if you go for the presidency he will be an MP or senator without caring whether you will win or not. For that reason let us be careful that they dont lead us to failure as they succeed in theirs),” said DP Ruto.

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