Babu Owino’s Controversial Message Moments Before Shooting Incident

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino came under fire in regards to remarks made before the gun drama at B Club on Friday morning.

Babu was arrested after it was claimed that he shot a DJ at the popular B-Club in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Eyewitnesses at the scene narrated that the controversial politician drew his gun after a scuffle ensued within the building.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino during a past media address

Police reports indicated that the representative shot the entertainer identified as Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve, on the neck.

Further information disclosed that Babu was found at the Nairobi Hospital where the victim had been rushed to.

The authorities revealed that no firearm or cartridge was recovered from the scene.

Aside from his apprehension, an uproar ensued on social media over the controversial remarks made by the lawmaker.

The MP, through a tweet, uttered that ODM leader Raila Odinga will be the next President by all means necessary.

“This time Raila will be the President by ballot or bullet,” read the tweet.

Speculations emerged that the sentiments could have been the spark that ignited the gruesome incident.

Further information proclaimed that the ‘Chungwa’ party member was trigger happy to be that assertive.

Here are some of the reactions:

Joseph Mudzomba stated, “Huyo ni kiongozi anatamka hayo? Uniting Kenya? Wajaluo hamtapata uraisi karibuni juu ya hiyo akili ya jikoni(Is that a leader articulating that? Uniting Kenya? Luo’s won’t get the Presidential seat with such thinking).”

Another netizen identified as Vitalis Omboyi remarked, “And you wonder why Raila is always a failure. Baba is ripe for presidency lakini watu YAKE!!! Anyway the last time he tried by bullet was in 1982 and we all saw what happened.”

Murigi Kamaa noted”And then someone will ask why Raila has never been president. The answer is in this tweet. Jakom is a great leader but this kind of sentiments ultimately are a hindrance to his leading Kenya. ViVa.”

George Makyn expressed that, “I thought you had the potential to lead one day, but my four year old is more mature than you… a leader should not advocate, propagate or insinuate quarter the crap you feed us on your socials. your wife and everyone associated with you must be totally ashamed. Grow up dude!”

Kalos Voice uttered “Same Rubbish! Said by the same Nimcoompoop! BYW, ulitengeneza Fedha Road ama ni bangi tu hapa Twitter?”

Babu becomes the second MP to be arrested in a span of two weeks.

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria was arrested last Friday after slapping a media personality identified as Joyce Wanja.

Wanja came out and exposed the Mt Kenya leader over the deed that occurred at Royal Media Services.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria. PHOTO: Courtesy

Kuria was, however, released last Sunday and later taken to court where he was denied anticipatory bail.

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