Reason Ruto Needs Jubilee Now More Than Ever

Deputy President William Ruto’s woes intensified with the latest attack in regards to opposing President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Political analysts remarked that Ruto was at a crossroad over what to do after calls for his resignation.

The experts claimed that the DP needed to keep his head down and find a solution to the unfolding saga.

Deputy President William Ruto

One analyst identified as Denis Moturi, noted that the second in command had to remain in Jubilee to stand any chance of becoming president in 2022.

According to Moturi, the deputy president was not a man that would easily be manipulated to go down such a path.

He insisted that Ruto needed the power in order to somehow earn sympathy from other leaders within the ruling party.

“Ruto doesn’t have the option of walking out of Jubilee because he needs power and needs to be in office probably to earn sympathy since there are people who wonder why Uhuru will not support him.

“He will not want to leave because he has nowhere to go,” expressed Moturi.

DP William Ruto during a past function

Ruto should not fight Uhuru

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kan’gata echoed similar sentiments and pointed out that the DP could not afford to quit.

Kan’gata reiterated that the ‘man from Sugoi’ should refrain from going head-to-head with the president.

The Central Kenya leader articulated that such a move from Ruto would shatter the support from Mt Kenya as reported by the People’s Daily Newspaper.

“He should support the President come what may. It is never wise to fight a boss who holds all levers of power. It is never wise to outshine your boss.

“Uhuru’s powers have been enhanced, with the opposition now supporting him. He is thus not a person one would wish to face,” stated the Murang’a Senator.

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kan’gata during a past media briefing

Ruto should leave

Ruto came under fire from a section of Jubilee party leaders led by Nominated MP Maina Kamanda who persisted that he should walk out.

Kamanda had remarked that the DP should resign if he feels he no longer sees eye to eye with Uhuru.

“If Ruto is part of Uhuru’s administration, he should be a gentleman and do what is honourable which is to resign.

He should say that he is resigning and carving out his own path come 2022 because he can’t work in a government he doesn’t believe in,” uttered the ex-Starehe MP.

Former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda during a past function

Adding insult to injury, Borabu MP Ben Momanyi stated that he would champion for a change in the constitution to allow Uhuru to have the power to sack the DP.

Momanyi proclaimed that such authority would be effective for the Head of State when his junior becomes uncooperative.

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