Miguna’s Lawyers Forced to Apologise For Deconstructing State Advocate

An advocate of the High Court Nelson Havi, who is also seeking to be the president of the Law Society of Kenya, on Monday evening brokered a peace deal between Miguna Miguna’s lawyers and state advocate sent to represent Attorney General Paul Kihara.

This is after the video of footage of a tiff between them went viral on social media resulting in an uproar among netizens.

FILE: Miguna Miguna’s Lawyer John Khaminwa (right) and advocate of the High Court Nelson Havi (Left).

In the footage, Miguna’s lawyers, John Khaminwa and Haron Ndubi were recorded trashing AG’s advocate, Christopher Marwa, presentation labelling him a “little boy” who is illiterate and unqualified to present anything substantive before the court.

The condescending remarks attracted the wrath of a section netizens on social media who slammed the lawyers for being disrespectful and vicious in their conduct.

However, according to Havi the confrontation between the three lawyers was not rough as depicted in social media adding that Marwa did not take the remarks as offensive.

Havi in apparent defence of Miguna’s lawyers said that lack of adherence to court orders may have triggered the remarks.

He said that he had reconciled the two parties adding that they buried the hatchet and the matter is now water under the bridge.

“I have spoken to Dr Khaminwa, Mr Ndubi and Marwa on the issue. The three are distinguished litigation Advocates notwithstanding their many or fewer years respectively, in practice. None took offence with what was said by the other.

“Dr Khaminwa, Mr Ndubi and Mr Marwa have spoken on the phone at my intervention. They have apologized to themselves and the legal fraternity on what may be perceived as a rift between the Senior Bar and the Junior Bar. May the matter rest thus,” tweeted Havi.

Marwa had represented Kihara in a case where the AG was required to file a response why the state had not honoured the court orders issued in favour of Miguna.

The court had directed the state to facilitate Miguna’s entry into the country but the embattled lawyer failed to take a plane to Kenya after he said a red alert had been imposed on him.

The red alert blocked Miguna from not only travelling to Kenya but to Africa as a whole.

Miguna had scheduled his return on Tuesday last week but his journey was halted after Lufthansa and Air France airlines declined to fly him.

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