Kiunjuri Fires Back After Being Sacked

Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunujri has finally broken his silence after being thrown out of the government.

Kiunjuri’s day seemed to have taken the turn for the worst after President Uhuru Kenyatta pulled the plug on him and let him go on Tuesday morning.

The tough-talking politician was replaced by immediate former Trade CS Peter Munya.

Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri

During a press conference at Serena Hotel, Kiunjuri seemingly fired back and held a strong face stating that the decision to fire him was something that didn’t shock him.

As a matter of fact, Kiunjuri seemed to have taken the matter positively as he was all smiles while responding to the incident.

He asserted that he was relieved with the move claiming that he had endured a torrid time of humiliation as a CS.

The ex-CS reiterated that he gave his best and did not regret his time serving the people of the country.

“The President’s decision has taken me by no surprise, I thank God, I feel relieved. I have endured lots of humiliation, only God and my family know this. I have given my best in my assignment, I leave with my head high,” remarked Kiunjuri.

The GNU Secretary-General noted that he wished Munya the best as he embarked on the task.

Kiunjuri pointed out that he will continue serving the citizens in his next capacity.

“I know there is an open door, down the road. I shall remain as I have always been; independent & firm. With my experience of over 25 years, I have a lot to offer & will continue to serve this country faithfully in other capacities,” articulated the embattled politician.

He added, “For any action, there will be a reaction. You keep it cool, I keep it cool.”

The once-troubled CS highlighted that he now had time to concentrate on other things. The Tangatanga member insisted that Uhuru was right in executing his duty as the President.

“I now have free time to do other things, I am not going anywhere. The president appointed me without consulting anyone, he has relieved me of my duties, he does not need any consultation,” uttered Kiunjuri.

The jovial looking leader even spared a moment to give his view on the hilarious locust comments that went viral recently.

When he questioned over what was being said after his sack, one journalist hilariously replied with the locust sentiments.

Mwangi Kiunjuri has clearly read all your locusts jokes after his sacking. “Otherwise, dunia inasema namna gani? Ati Locusts…?” articulated the former CS.

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