Babu Owino Shares Screenshots of Intimate Texts With Residents

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Babu Owino with his wife in court

In a bid to pacify anger from several Kenyans for his recent unpopular remarks, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has shared a number of screenshots of private conversations with some of his constituents.

While taking to his social media accounts, the controversial legislator posted the images to prove that his residents were happy with his leadership and development record.

“This is what turns me on. When People are satisfied with my services,” he captioned in one of the posts.

The young MP, on Saturday, drew backlash from netizens after he threatened to ‘shave’ Kandara MP Alice Wahome for allegedly disrespecting ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Many found the Embakasi East MP language disrespectful with a number asking him to pull down the post on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

However, in his latest post, Babu shrugged off the remarks while stating that he only wants to focus on development in 2020.

“This is what I want to hear this year sio mambo ya kunyolewa [not anything to do with shaving],” he said.

Many lauded him for his work but stated that he needed to drop the vulgar language and focus on development.

“The only thing I love you about is publicly you can use vulgar language but back in your constituency you are doing great. I can’t finish naming the things you have done,carpeting Donholm estate will tarmac,Utawala kinka to Githuri,Mihango to choka,Gate B to Kwa ndege,lots of schools and even bursaries you followed the lane Ken Okoth used. Embakasi East we love you,” said Brian Tacoma.

“Start having a political philosophy where anything you do including speeches envisions what you desire to achieve as president just like the way Kibaki was . Despite being in KANU those days you could trace his footprint in what he used to do..But mambo ya matusi will reduce you to a mere heckler or activist,” advised Wayong’o Ignatius.

“Your good in leadership, but you have a problem in respecting those in leadership with you .you abuse your colleagues,” added Salah Hassan Osman.

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