“You Can Rent a Kikuyu, But you Cannot Buy Them,” Waiguru

Kirinyanga Governor Anne Waiguru on Friday in a statement ostensibly directed to Deputy President William Ruto cautioned him on the loyalty of the newly-found political faction of  Mount Kenya legislators that are backing the DP.

Waiguru speaking during the first Building Bridges Initiative forum that was held in Kisii insisted that Kikuyus had their, ‘ political owner.’

Kirinyanga Governor Anne Waiguru.//PHOTO COURTESY

” You can rent a kikuyu but you can never buy a Kikuyu. Wakikuyu wako na mwenyewe,(Kikuyus have their owner)” she said amidst laughter from the crowd of people that had gathered up for the event.

The rift between what was a considered a good Presidential duo come 2022 between Waiguru and Ruto deepened when Waiguru hit out at DP Ruto for starting early campaigns despite President Uhuru’s directive.

Waiguru was in the company of Interior CS Fred Matiang’ i who lauded Raila and Uhuru for the unity in the country.

CS Matiang’i urged the region leaders to maintain the rare unity they have shown in presenting common front so that their residents can reap the fruits of development.

“This is the first time we as the people of Nyanza are sitting together to deliberate on the direction we should take,” the CS stated.

The CS further urged the Kisii community against being swayed from supporting the unity pact signed between Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 2018 to end hostilities which had arisen following 2017 General Election results.

“There are people who think they know everything, but we want to say don’t with mistake our silence to mean we are aloof to what is going on.”

“You know the truth is you can see clearly where the truth is. It is in our President and the old man (Odinga) you see here; they are the wisdom of BBI. So, I stand here to confirm, that I will follow this two wherever they led us and I only asking you to do the same,” said the CS.

Matiang’i urged the MCAs to organize consultative forums in their wards to engage and sensitize their constituents on the contents of the BBI Report.


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