Only Akothee and Few Other Employees Left At Silverstone Air As Company Nears Collapse


Image result for akothee silverstoneThe Star has today confirmed that Silverstone air fired 17 Pilots, crew staff and engineers after their scheduled services were suspended last year.

In a notice issued by the management to the staff, the company explained their decision to send part of their staff home saying it was prompted by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority’s move to ground the company’s fleet.

According to Silverstone air, suspension of their services since November 12 has indeed affected their operation and ruined their brand since they were forced to cancel passenger tickets.

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The company’s woes shot up in 2019 December after the lessor of its Dash-8 aircraft commenced a recovered some of the planes. A source close to the company revealed that Silverstone has already lost three of the eight aircraft.

In October 2019, Silverstone faced backlash after its aircraft crashed at Wilson Airport which was followed by the falling-off of rear wheels of the airline’s aircraft when it was taking off from Lodwar Airstrip.

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Their brand ambassador Akothee defended the airline stating that such incidents are not new. She added that she flies her family in the same planes to assure Kenyans that she has faith in the company.

“I will clearly tell you that the two incidents that Silverstoneairservices has hard is not new. It happens if not daily then couple of times on different airlines! The only challenge here is SILVERSTONEAIRSERVICES is a famous airline” she stated

To affirm her confidence in the airline, Akothee also highlighted that the company had for the past 2 years made 10,000 safe landings, flying 1 million frequent flayers and operating 14 daily flights.

In another post, Akothee assured that the company was working toward tightening all loose ends and improving the safety of their passengers. Months after this statement the company is yet to resume its services.

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You know I am a mother and I care , I would not risk the life of those that I love , we are sorry for any inconvenience caused . For our customers who have panicked Poleni sanaa, we are on the ground working on your safety and tightening all loose ends ! I just lost my friend on a road accident inside her own V8 after we spoke for over 2 hours , I am still in shock 🙏🏾🙆‍♂️ life is all risky, pedestrians get hit by cars yet some of them dont even know the price of petrol 🙏🏾I pray that we all see sense in everything happening and take every challenge as a lesson to make things better. Let's put all in prayers and embrace our challenges for better results I PRAY THAT YOU ALL GET PEACE IN THIS TRYING MOMENTS 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 SILVERSTONEAIRSERVICES FOR LIFE 💪💪SAFETY & COMFORT IS KEY 💪💪💪

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