Karua Lectures Governors over Sonko’s Deputy

Former Gichugu MP Martha Karua has slighted the Council of Governors (CoG) after the body gave a green light to Governor Sonko’s appointment of a Deputy Governor.

While Governor Sonko’s bail terms barred him from accessing his County Hall office, he would proceed to nominate a Deputy Governor after two years of working without one.

Mike Sonko. PHOTO: Courtesy

The move has elicited mixed reactions with lawyers sharing divergent opinions on whether the Governor had violated bail terms or otherwise.

Reacting to a CoG’s tweet, Martha Karua informed the Governors that Sonko stood suspended according to the bail terms issued by the Court.

However, lawyer Charles Kanjama maintains the Governor was only barred from accessing his office.

Lawyer Kanjama, however, asserts that Sonko was not suspended but only barred from accessing his office.

He added that the Governor was free to conduct all the other duties he is constitutionally mandated to perform.

According to CoG’s Chair Governor Oparanya, Sonko acted in compliance with the law.

He would also advise the Members of Nairobi Assembly to process the nominee for Deputy Governor Ms Ann Kananu.

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