Court Gives Government One-day Ultimatum to Solve Miguna’s Saga

Justice Weldon Korir on Wednesday said the court order directing the state to allow embattled advocate of the High Court Miguna Miguna into the country is still on.

In his new directive, Justice Korir gave the government a one-day ultimatum to address Miguna’s saga or file a response why the court order has not been effected.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna.

During the case, the government informed the court that it had no qualms allowing Miguna into the country and that it could not understand why the lawyer had boarded the plane to Kenya.

“The State has told Justice Weldon Korir this morning that lawyer Miguna Miguna is free to come to Kenya but does not know why he has not been able to travel,” tweeted The Star Digital Editor Oliver Mathenge.

The new directive comes nearly a day after Miguna was kicked out of Air France plane after the airline informed the beleaguered lawyer that the Kenyan authorities had imposed a red alert on him.

The airline, in its response to Miguna, said it could not allow the lawyer to board it’s plane until the Kenyan authorities lift the red alert.

The self-proclaimed leader of the outlawed National Resistance Movement (NRM) had announced that he will arrive on Tuesday at 9.45 pm but his journey was halted at Frankfurt Airport due to the alert.

The red alert does not block the Lawyer from being carried to Kenya but also the whole of Africa.

It is still not yet clear whether the government will affect the court order given that several orders have been violated.


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