Miguna Reveals Source of Red Alert Blocking him from Boarding Plane

Miguna Miguna’s return to Kenya hit a brick wall after he was denied from boarding his flight in Germany.

Reports emerged that the controversial politician is currently held up at the Berlin Airport after a red alert was issued.

Additional details disclosed that Miguna stated that he could not board a JKIA bound aeroplane or any other heading to a different African country.

Miguna Miguna

A red alert in most airports is normally issued in the event of a severe thunderstorm.

During the protocol, ground handlers and passengers are not allowed to be near an aircraft due to the probability of being struck by lightning.

However, for Miguna’s case, in a voice recording heard by this reporter, he alleged that the red alert was issued by Kenya and not the airport authorities.

According to the embattled lawyer, the alert was from the Office of the President, Ministry of Interior.

He expressed that his flight had been ordered to be cancelled and money refunded back to him.

“The same ministry and the government went behind the Kenyan people and issued the red alert.

“In fact, they demanded that my flight should be cancelled and my money refunded back to me,” stated the politician.

Miguna Miguna during a past event

Following the unfolding drama, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna came out and responded over the incident.

Oguna reiterated that the self-proclaimed National Resistant Movement(NRM) general, was free to travel under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s assurance.

The eloquent spokesperson clarified that the red alert incident will be handled by the government.

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna during a past media briefing

On Monday, a government statement that did rounds on social media pointed out that the state would respect the court orders.

The self-proclaimed National Resistant Movement(NRM) general, however, dismissed the information.

The Kenyan born Canadian citizen articulated that the government was just giving Kenyans a facade after his deportation fiasco.

The legal advisor received a boost after the High Court asserted that the government should not interfere with Miguna’s return.

The court further clarified that the politician’s Identification and passport number was enough to warrant his approval at the airport.

The identification process is set to be handled by the KNCHR once Miguna touches down on Kenyan soil on Tuesday evening.

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