Eldoret Pastor Also Begs Kenyans to Have Sex: Do It Now Before You Die

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Pastor Mike Bitok, Founder of the International Family Church in Eldoret has for the first time revealed the reasons why Kenyan couples should have adequate sex.

According to him, adequate sex is a great way to avoid lifestyle diseases.

Speaking during a fish dinner for adults at Nkubu, Meru county, Bitok said that husbands be should always satisfy their wives’ sexual needs when they are still alive.

“If you die and leave your woman, you will be buried outside your house where other men will be jumping over your grave when heading to your bedroom for intimacy with your wife,” he said.

The clergyman also urged men to share their visions with their wives. Adding that husbands who ignore their wives in future plans die early, paving the way for their women to prosper while being served by other men.

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“Your wife then starts to prosper more than when you were two of you, in a manner that if you resurrect, you would wish to die due to the shock.”

Bitok said men who leave their wives out of their plans end up poorer.

Citing himself as an example, the man of God, also urged women to praise, cheer, give hope to and support their husbands.

“I was a street urchin, then a watchman years back before marrying. My wife kept on praising me even when I was hopeless and that has made me what I am. She now lives in a Sh30 million house bought by me,” he said.

The pastor said men cheat on their wives because they are too nagging. Bitok said every man has a woman he secretly admires or a mistress whom he would promptly marry in case the wife dies.

“The reason she has not come home is because you [wife] are alive,” he said.

Bitok said if every married man or woman would be given a chance to start over, only one percent would choose their current spouse.

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