Linda Oguttu’s Daughter is All Grown Up Now (Photos)

KTN’s Linda Oguttu (Courtesy)

Despite being a very public figure, Linda Oguttu has kept a tight lid on her private life and is also fiercely protective of her daughter. Few people on social media have seen her face.

Linda recently surprised fans with a pic of her daughter who will turn six this year and it’s amazing how fast time flies because it feels like it was just the other day we learned of her pregnancy and now her daughter has grown into a little lady.

Linda Oguttu’s daughter with her grandma (Twitter)

The KTN news anchor is not the only celebrity who has managed to keep her daughter’s face private. Brenda Wairimu is also known to keep her baby’s face private to protect her autonomy.

This was revealed in an exchange with a fan who insisted that she should show her kid’s face. 

“Hey ma don’t u have real friends in ua life….life is short, kids are precious why u hide UA baby face so much….I promise u such pics tell a sad story not all ua friends will tell u. Be a proud mother honey..!! Don’t go down in history as the mother who never showed her babyface in her pictures,” read a comment from one johapinky.

In response, Brenda explained that the fact that she doesn’t post her daughter’s face doesn’t mean that she is not a proud mother, she just wants to protect her daughter.

 “Social media is not life my dear, my decision to shield her identity from social media at least for now, for as long as I can, may not be understood by all including you. But perhaps if you were a public figure in the public eye yourself, you would understand better, the delicate nature of the situation.

Posting ur baby’s face on Instagram does not equate being proud of them, or even being a good parent, ask around, plenty of fathers and mothers are parading their kids online, and yet do nothing for the betterment of the kid’s life or future. Asante for ur concern lakini, though not very well thought out,” the ‘Selina’ actress explained.

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