Mutua Announces Major Political Moves Come 2020

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Tuesday announced mega plans for the year 2020 as he looks forward to solidifying his presidential ambition.

Taking to his social media accounts to release his end of the year statement, the Machakos Governor expressed optimism ad determination in position himself as the suitable person to steer the country to the next level.

Machakos governor Alfred Mutua.

According to Mutua, 2020 will be a turning point and a year of forced change to the country where systems will be initiated to enhance development and progress.

Of the ten points he shared over his, seemingly, new year resolution, the Governor hinted that he will be looking forward to launching his presidential campaign come 2020.

“I will officially launch my CAMPAIGN to be the next PRESIDENT of Kenya in 2022. I will show Kenyans that a child can be born in the villages, to dream, work hard with a pure heart and achieve his or her dream.

“I will offer Kenyans a new way of looking at the world and doing things. We CANNOT continue thinking and doing things the same way and expecting different results. Our Time Has Come,” said the Governor.

Also, Mutua promised to be ruthless in service delivery and implementation of the law. He warned his staff from failing to deliver on their mandate and cautioned them against indulging into corrupt activities.

FILE: Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua interacts with citizens.

“In 2020. I plan to be RUTHLESS in implementing laws, regulations and getting services rendered to Wananchi properly. I will fight for the rights of the oppressed and ensure greedy people are put in their rightful places.

“2020 will be a year for the rights of each of my people of Machakos and Kenya. I will support and promote those who do well and will AXE the lethargic and corrupt ones who do not appreciate that public service is SERVICE,” said Mutua.

Besides, Mutua urged Kenyans to evaluate elected leaders performance to establish whether they are getting value for their votes.

“As we debate who is who and wherein 2020, ask yourself, what are some of the characters campaigning for the 2022 Presidency do more for Kenya that they are unable to do NOW in their current powerful positions?

“What new ideas will they bring ama itakuwa Mambo na WIZI kama kawaida? I, Alfred Mutua offer myself to Kenyans as a FRESH type of leader and humbly ask for your support,” he said.

Finally, the Governor wished Kenyans a prosperous new year.

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