Miguna Tough Words After Formation of New Deadly Special Unit

On Tuesday, December 31, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti disbanded the Flying Squad and formed a new unit called Sting Squad Headquarters (SSH) that will have a maximum of 50 detectives.

Flying Squad at a crime scene

Speaking hours after the announcement, exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna, alleged that the special units were constituted to be illegal assassination squads.

“Whether they call them “Kwekwe Squad” or “Flying Squad” or “Special Crimes Units,” Kenyans know that these are ILLEGAL ASSASSINATION SQUADS whose primary purpose is the elimination of PERCEIVED THREATS to the illegitimate President. Patriots: MOBILIZE!” Miguna tweeted.

Kinoti in a statement said SSH trained officers will respond to specific cases among them armed robberies, kidnappings, motor vehicle theft, sale and distribution of contraband and substandard goods.

“I have disbanded the Flying Squad because of many complaints from the public on how they were operating,” he said.

Kinoti also scaled down The Special Crime Prevention Unit (SCPU) and re-named it Special Service Unit (SSU).

DCI Headquarters along Kiambu Road, Nairobi

“SSU will have officers with intense training in and outside the country in a bid to enhance their knowledge and abilities,” Kinoti said.

The move has received mixed reactions from Kenyans with a number lauding the DCI boss for the reforms while others were skeptical whether the changes would materialise to anything different.

Since when Kinoti entered office as the DCI boss, the dirty works of SCPU and Flying Squad have been done by ATPU. Kinoti is simply creating a special intimidation, kidnap and assasination squad within DCI. Foreign financiers of ATPU are not happy with its political works,” tweeted blogger Robert Alai.

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