I Dont Want to Die a Politician, it is the Worst Death- Duale

At the heart of Jubilee Party’s strong dominance at the National Assembly stands a formidable MP for Garissa Township, Aden Duale.

In all appearances, he is a poster boy when it comes to love and detest, and arguably, a refined poker game expert of Kenya’s political fault lines.

FILE: National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale.

The MP, who admits that he is loved and hated in equal measure, has been instrumental in fostering his party’s agenda within and outside Parliament, with his success earning him the confidence of his bosses to the point of serving as the Jubilee party majority leader for two consecutive terms.

His tenure as Jubilee frontman in the national assembly has elevated his stature, though his style of leadership is often characterized by his critics as a show of arrogance and raw force, while aggressively pushing government business in parliament

But even as any common citizen might imagine that the outspoken MP and ardent supporter of DP William Ruto will no time retire from politics, Duale is of otherwise opinion.

Serving his third term in Parliament, Duale believes dying a politician is the worst death and therefore wishes that he leaves the earth as a former.

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale(left) President Uhuru (Centre) and DP William Ruto (Right).

In an interview with Citizen TV that ran on Monday, the Majority leader, when asked if he will one time retire, said he will definitely quit politics some years to come.

“Of course, I do not want to die a politician, it is the worst death. In politics, it is good to leave when people still love you. I have left a legacy in my constituency,” he told Citizen TV.

Besides hinting about his possible retirement, the MP also revealed that he might not run for a parliamentary seat if the current system of governance will remain unchanged until 2022.

Duale noted that he will be looking forward to serving Kenyans at the executive level of government once DP Ruto ascends to the presidency.

“ If DP Ruto becomes president, I will not mind serving Kenyans at an executive level. I will wish to be drinking tea with him at Statehouse,” he said.

However, the MP, who supports a parliamentary system of governance, said that if the current constitution is amended to initiate a parliamentary system of governance, he will defend his parliamentary seat.



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