Bizarre Things Done By Pastors In 2019

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In the quest to remain relevant and be noticed, many pastors have embraced bizarre behavior. Even though they have been held with high regard over the years, their actions are slowly drawing people away and only the brainwashed stick around.

In Kenya for instance, some of the pastors who have been on the trends maintain that kind of reputation by participating in sideshows. The irony of this circus is that these very pastors have such a huge following and manage to gather thousands for their crusades and church services.

To mention a few, the likes of pastor Nganga, prophet Owour and Kanyari have such a strange record in the ministry circles. It might be perceived as a problem that African pastors have but the western world has its own kind.

The mystery that clouds most of these pastors ministries revolves around insulting or manipulating followers, staged miracles and well as funding their posh lifestyle at the expense of their followers.

Here are some of the most bizarre things done by pastors this year

1.Resurrecting a dead man

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Earlier this year, one of the richest South African pastors Alph Lukau claimed to have resurrected a dead man.The man of God faced backlash after many termed his as a fraud and mocked him for this action.

2.Talking to a kidney

Ever thought of having a conversation with your internal organs? Well the man of God; Pastor Nganga seems experienced in this.

Nganga in one of his prayer moments demanded to speak to one of the congregant’s kidney to declare healing. The pastor asks the kidney to pick up the phone before ordering it to function as it should.

Pastor Ng'ang'a speaks to kidney

Now Pastor Nga'ang'a wants to speak to kidney….what does this guy eat though?

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3.Claiming to be God

Superiority is actually a thing with pastors and it can be very misleading. A Tanzanian pastor Zamaradi believes she is God of the universe and she expected her followers to treat her as God.

Some people believe she practices witchcraft and as a result of other allegations, her church was banned earlier this year.

4.Pastor forcing his congregants to drink his bathwater

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A Ghanaian pastor claimed that God instructed him to tell his congregants to drink from his bathwater. According to him, anyone who drinks from his bathwater will get more blessings.

5.Slapping church member

The man of the circus Pasto Nganga has a record of slapping a church member in the name of ‘praying for him’. This is one of the incidents that sparked outrage as many termed it as a form of harassment.

6.Casting out demons using soda

An unidentified pastor from Nigeria was busted anointing congregants with soda. Apparently, the followers were seeking miracles in their lives in terms of becoming rich, healing of diseases and the likes.

7.Printing pastors face on female panties

A controversial pastor Thaddeus Mathews popularly known as the ‘cussing pastor’ is believed to have designed panties for his female congregants.

8.Pastor buying range rover with tithe money

The issue of pastors extorting money from their followers has been a trend for many decades. In a rare incident, a pastor was roughed up by youth after he was spotted in the church compound in a range rover.

Church members demand their tithes and offering from Pastor after he bought a new Range Rover.

Posted by Joseph Ikunna on Tuesday, 17 December 2019


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