4 Unexpected Statements Betty Kyallo Made After Her Failed Marriage With Okari

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TV siren Betty Kyallo once described her break up with Dennis Okari as the most devastating thing in her life ever.

Although the two eventually moved on after years of being divorced, there seem to be untold truths behind their story.

Their fans can agree that there are a number of photos that made them believe Betty and Okari were a match made in heaven. According to Betty’s explanation, ‘Life happens’ and she has since learnt to be happier.

Even so, the news anchor has severally been judged over statements she made in regard to how she currently relates with Okari and how she feels about moving on.

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1.Failing to acknowledge Okari’s support when their child was hospitalized 

“To my family and partner, I can never say thank you enough because you shielded me, made me laugh, supported me and even made sure I never missed a bulletin or Upclose shoot throughout”

Betty Kyallo’s post narrating her daughter’s condition and giving thanks to those who supported her did not settle well with Okari’s friend-Journalist Ken Mijungu.

The journalist took to social media to call  her out for failing to appreciate Okari’s efforts and painting him as an irresponsible father.

According to Mijungu, Okari and his wife Naomi were there for Ivanna from the day they learnt of her illness.

2. I was not sitting, waiting for Dennis Okari to come back 

In an interview with the standard, Betty gave a stopper remark when she spoke about being in a new relationship

“I moved on and it’s not like I was sitting here waiting for Dennis to come back. That door was closed.”

3. I feel no pain whatsoever that Okari has moved on 

During her Ex-husband’s wedding, Betty wished him the best but had to rub it in her fans’ faces that it was painless.

“No pain whatsoever, happy for him. Wish him the best. And to everyone else who has gone or is going through the same thing, you are human and life happens. Move on and find your happiness. I am happier,

4. I’m a single parent.

“I am a single parent and as you know, parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to be dad and mum at the same time.”

Betty has more than once revealed that she has been raising her child single-handedly ever since her split with Okari.

In a previous interview, Okari was forced to speak on claims that he is a dead beat father. Okari said there is no truth to the allegations adding that those who said he is a dead beat dad don’t know him.

According to Mijungu’s recent statement, Dennis Okari might have been taking all the blows and trolls all along without people really seeing his efforts. In addition to his statement, Mijungu also advised Betty to be honest about Okari’s efforts to avoid painting him as an immoral man.




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