I Can’t Pray Before ‘Twa Twa’, Woman Tells Pastor Susan Munene

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Kenyan sexpert Sue Gacambi has boldly come out to criticize the ‘Twa twa’ pastor Sue Munene for urging couples o pray before a session of sex.

A while back after the hilarious twa twa video went viral, pastor Se then urged Kenyans to ensure they pray before an after sex.

“It is good to pray. If it’s God who initiated this game (sex)then we need to pray about it. I do not know when you last prayed before you began twa twa but I want to give you a challenge. Pray before and after twa twa,” she said.

She also rebuked the spirit of using sex toys which Sexpert Sue Gacambi is notoriously known for selling online. This must have rubbed Gacambi the wrong way as she decided to rebuke the pastor’s latest advice.

She started by rebuking the pastor for misleading her flock.

“Uliongea ukasema before we have sex, we have to pray. Hiyo ni uongo, wacha kumislead watu wa Mungu,” said Sue.

She rebuked all the preachers who mislead the people of God.

“Hatutakuwa tunaweka preachers wanamislead watu! Yaani kitu ya bwanangu imesimama hivi, alafu unaniambia tuiambie ilale tuombe?” she questioned.

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Sue said that by following the pastor’s advice, her husband would no longer be in the mood for sex when she is done praying.

“Mjulus ya bwanangu italala nikiwa katikati ya maombi,” she said.

She also wondered how someone can stop a quickie to pray.

“Please don’t mislead people of God. You said God already gave us everything we need for marriage, why should I pray for sex?” asked the sexpert.

Watch the full video below:

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