Nairobi Street Family Holds a Special Christmas Celebration (VIDEO)

As it is a culture in Kenya, Christmas is a day when families gather around fire and pots to prepare food or go out to food joints to have a meal.

This time of the year is when scores travel to their homelands to eat and make merry with their loved ones.

Peter Mweke went back to his home in the streets of Pumwani, Nairobi.

He visited a street family at Pumwani where he lived years a few years back to celebrate Christmas with them.

A street family in Nairobi

Good samaritans have a culture of delivering ready to eat food and even leftovers but for peter, the food was better off cooked on the street.

The family divided roles among themselves, as others cooked the rest delivered ingredients and divided the ready to eat meal.

With only limited utensils in the streets, the family made use of aluminium tins o the streets which they used as sufurias.

Entertainment was also part of the day as they enjoyed the food served in carton boxes.

Speaking to NTV, Peter urged citizens to take time to listen to the street children when they address them on the streets.

“These people are not as bad as you think, just listen. When they ask you for money don’t be quick to give them, listen to them, they could be your neighbour’s child,” said Peter.

Here is a video of his Christmas on the street courtesy of NTV

Christmas was celebrated in a unique manner all over the country.

A number of politicians took time to celebrate with their families, as in the case of Raila Odinga who prepared breakfast for his family.

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