Modern Coast in Trouble Again Moments After Being Allowed on The Roads

Modern Coast Express bus company has found itself in trouble again just a few days after National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) lifted their suspension.

NTSA had suspended the company’s operating licence after two of their buses collided in a grisly accident along Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

The suspension was later lifted after the bus company underwent a fresh scrutiny by NTSA.

However, just days after they came back on the roads, Kenyans are furious at them after one of their buses was spotted dangerously overlapping.

The photo doing rounds on social media show the bus moving off the road on the left side with amount of dust in the air revealing the bus was moving in a high speed.

Kenyans are now bashing the company, with some accusing it of colluding with NTSA through bribes to get back on the raods.

Some are even calling or the permanent ban of the company, saying that it is bound to making more accidents should their drivers continue with this recklessness.

However, some people are defending the company, arguing that the authenticity of the photo is not clear since the driver might have been in a process of pulling over to stop.

There is also no video of the same available.

Some Kenyans defending the company have argued that the photo being circulated is an old one.

Modern Coast Express has not issued any statement on the photo.

Here are the mixed reactions.

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