VIDEO: Police Deploy Choppers to Monitor Traffic on Major Roads

Kenya National Police Service has deployed choppers to monitor traffic situation along major highways this festive season.

This is to give prompt intervention should need arise.

The National Police Service Airwing will be patrolling the country giving air support to traffic police officers on the ground.

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“Standing on guard this festive season is our National Police Service Airwing: it will be patrolling the country giving air support to our officers on the ground.The unit will help in monitoring the traffic situation along our major highways for prompt intervention where needed,” reads a post by National Police Service.

The airwing has 21 pilots and 39 trainee pilots who form part of 150 staff there.

Police capacity had in the past been affected due to lack of aircrafts and grounded ones.

In June 2019, Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said modern aircrafts fitted with night vision and infrared capabilities, will be utilized during both day and night operations to provide safety and security at all times.

He underscored the importance of aerial surveillance in police operations adding that NPS is committed to taking the services to the grassroots.

“This airwing will be funded and revamped to meet the modern demands. We are committed to this,” he said.

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