(PHOTOS) Angry Kenyan Woman Smashes Hubby’s Car After Finding Him Cheating

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!

Residents of Ngumba area in Nairobi woke up to the shocking sight of a woman having smashed her hubby’s car after finding him cheating.

The car’s windshield and back screen mirrors are thoroughly smashed in. According to the pictures posted online, the lady used rocks and bricks to play out her revenge plan.

The maroon Nissan Tiida’s main mirrors were smashed but most of the parts were left intact. A 2011 version of the Tiida normally goes for around Ksh. 700,000.

The sight attracted onlookers who were puzzled at her actions. That was the same situation online as netizens were just as puzzled.

“Yaani even Tiida drivers have the strength to cheat?” Mourine Shanja asked.

“Aai hata wanaume wenye gari ndogo hivi hu cheat? Ama that’s the car he bought for his other woman?” Earthly Goddess chorused in.

“Uzuri hajavunja side mirror and the touchs,” Robert Kamau recalled.

Check out the damaged car below:





Here are some more funny reactions.


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