“My Married Boyfriend Has Ghosted Me After Promising Me A Future With Him,”Woman Confesses.

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It has become a major concern on how young ladies nowadays are getting into relationships with married men and they don’t care about it. Most of the ladies who are in relationships with married men are said to be young girls in universities and teenagers who are trying to live a luxurious life like celebrities they see on the internet.

Below is a woman who describes her story;

“I am dating this married man but his wife and kids wako majuu. This dude has been showering me with love and spoiling me with gifts and cash.

I’ve been so understanding to him to the extent of always reminding him to always be in touch with the wife and make sure he calls her on a daily. So recently he got back to Europe to see his family. We kept in contact the entire time he had his flight till when he arrived. He contacted me after a day via video call informing me he reached well and that’s the last time we spoke.

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It’s been three days now.No text, no calls. Yet he’s supposed to come back end January. Also when he was packing, he asked me to take my clothes that were in his house back to my house since the wife would decide to give an impromptu visit and come to his house in Nairobi with the kids na hatakuwa a chance ya kuficha nguo, which I understood.

Now I think the silence is too loud.3 day’s not hearing from someone you talk to nonstop is unusual.
What could be the problem?

Should I dump him? Or am I overreacting? Be fair, please. Sina helmet.”

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