Inside Ruto, Museveni Friendship: Where it all Started

Deputy President William Ruto and Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni recently renewed their ‘vows‘ in Uganda.

The Launch of the William Ruto Leadership Institute saw a rebirth of a close relationship that DP Ruto and Museveni have had.

President Yoweri Museveni and DP William Ruto shaking hands: PHOTO COURTESY

Reports indicate that the directive to have Ruto as the chief guest for the groundbreaking came from the office of the Ugandan president.

It is said that a section of the Makerere University Academics was against the institute but Museveni forced his way into having it.

The opponents raised questions on the character of DP Ruto saying that he is not the Kind of leader they should be hosting.

However, the event went ahead as planned with the president pledging Ksh10 million towards the construction of the institute.

Friendship History

Ruto and Museveni have been allies not only in the academic field but also politically.

In 2015, Ruto set Foot in Kapchorwa, Uganda to campaign for his ally who was then a presidential candidate.

Ruto, blended in the campaign trail and addressed residents in a local dialect in a bid to woe voters to vote for his ally.

He tagged along a team of legislators from Eldoret led by Tinderet MP.

Later on that year, William Ruto attended a National prayer breakfast in Kampala ahead of their 53rd Independence day celebrations.

In August 2018, the duo launched a 150 Kilometre road linking Kenya to Uganda at the Suam Border.

Additionally, in March 2019, Ruto praised Museveni for his role in regional integration.

Ruto has been seen to be warming up to Museveni whenever he visits the country.

Renewed Vows

The renewed vows have raised concerns among Kenyans who have termed it as a power tactic by the two.

“Ruto is also a politician and understands that developing a close relationship with Museveni is going to counter Raila’s relationship with Magufuli. Those kinds of connections in politics are important,” said Prof Manyora, a political analyst.


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