Best Gifts to Get Your Mother in Law This Christmas Holiday

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The festive season is upon us and with it comes various gifting expectations from family members. One person who should definitely be on your gift list is your mother in law. Many women and men alike always complain that their mothers in law are not accepting of them but this is the best time to win her heart over. Before settling on a gift, it is important to know the kind of mother in law you have and what she likes.

Here are some gifts most Kenyan mothers in law would appreciate this Christmas:


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In Kenya, the holidays bring people and families together. This is because they can relax and make merry. One key aspect of party life in Kenya is nice roasted goat meat. By bringing this to your mother in law over the holidays, you help her cut down on the costs she would incur. This is a gesture she will tremendously appreciate.

Sufuria’s and cutlery

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Cutlery sets are always a safe choice when choosing a gift for your mother-in-law. This is because women spend most of their days in the kitchen so they appreciate good cutlery and kitchen appliances. These are bound to warm her heart.


Let’s be honest, everyone loves to smell good. Get your mother-in-law a signature perfume that she will enjoy wearing every day and remember you while at it.


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Every woman loves a good handbag and your mother-in-law is no exception. Get her a good handbag or two that is fashionable. She will definitely love it.

Grocery shopping

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You will land in your mother’s good books if you go grocery shopping for your mother in law. Some of the key things you should definitely buy include unga ya ugali (maize flour), chapati flour, rice, milk, bread, eggs and vegetable oil. Do a significant amount of shopping because chances are all the children and grandchildren will be spending their holidays at her house.


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