Diamond Getting Swallowed by Ground & Other Shocking Witchcraft Incidents Witnessed in Sumbawanga

Diamond performing in Sumbawanga (Courtesy)

For many Kenyans, Sumbawanga was an unknown town in the western part of Tanzania until the Wasafi Festival in 2018.

This was after Diamond and Rayvanny fell into the stage while performing there.

Rayvanny and Diamond were jumping fervently on stage before it caved in and took them with it. Luckily, they escaped without any major injuries.

However this was not their first incident at Sumbawanga, an area which some Tanzanians claim is the hub of witchcraft in the country.

A day before that fateful performance, Diamond had been forced to cancel a show in the same area due to heavy rains but promised to still perform the following day only for the stage to collapse.

Willy Paul, Nandy Involved In Accident

A year later, a bus in Nandy and Willy Paul’s convoy overturned in Mikumi area, Morogoro as they headed to Sumbawanga for the Nandy Festival. An accident that Ice boy who was part of the lineup blamed on witchcraft.

As it turns out these are not the only sorcery-related incidents that have happened in Sumbawanga.

A few residents claim that you can buy lightning and strike your enemies with it while another one revealed that if you steal an item, you will carry it until the owner finds you.

The same resident revealed that if you are having an illicit affair with someone’s wife you will get stuck until the husband finds and separates you.

Other stories include people hanging clothes in the air and rain pouring down outside someone’s house and yet the rest of the area is dry.

The funniest tale is of a man who got a girl pregnant and when he denied the pregnancy, the ‘ball jumped’ from the girl into his body and he had to undergo a C-section to bring their child into the world.

However, some people in Sumbawanga deny that such incidents happen.

“I’ve grown up in Sumbawanga and I have not come across any witchcraft incidents. It’s just heresy. I depend on God to succeed,” a chips vendor told Dizzim Online.

“Sumbawanga according to the locals means ‘throwing away witchcraft’. I have been here since 1992 and I have not had an issue with witchcraft or come across a genie. There is no witchcraft, these are just tales you cannot even find a witchdoctor here,” a bodaboda operator told Dizzim Online.

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