Size 8 Reveals Why She Hid Her Pregnancy

Size 8 (Instagram)

About 2 months ago as she inched closer to her due date, Size 8 finally revealed that she was pregnant with her second born.

“And to God be the glory!!!!! Thus far I can testify of His grace, His faithfulness, His mercy and love for me and my unborn baby……. though we’ve walked thru the valley of the shadow of death God has been our protection our cover, thru tears and thru pain God has covered us under His mighty wing…The journey thus far has not been easy full of hurdles but His grace has been our strength!!! To all believing God for a child please don’t give up no matter what medical reports say. HE WHO HAS KEPT ME AND MY BABY THIS FAR IS FAITHFUL even in the darkest hour keep the faith!” Size 8 wrote breaking the news.

News that came as a shock to his fans because many people didn’t know that she was pregnant as she had kept it under wraps for months.

Size 8 & DJ Mo (Infinity Clix)

In a phone call with The Mambo Mseto show, Size 8 explained that she hid her pregnancy out of fear. This is because she had suffered a miscarriage before and she was very cautious with her 3rd emergency.

In addition, her pregnancy journey was very difficult and she suffered from High Blood Pressure, Fibroids and even paralysis at some point.

“Nilipanic venye mimba ya pili ilitoka. Venye niligundua niko na mimba ya tatu, niliingiwa na uwoga kusema ukweli. Uwoga ulinijaa hadi nikasahau Mungu ako na nguvu. Nilianza kukuwa na high blood pressure na fibroids so tukaingiwa na uwoga tukaamua tufiche,” she revealed.

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In the middle of the storm dont give in to the evil spirit of intimidation whose main aim is to remove you from a place of confidence and trust in the Lord to a place of anxiety and fear so as to be able to hinder your intimacy with God cloud your judgement, vision and clarity!!!!! That storm you see is a nice way God is preparing you for greater levels maturing you ,remember James chapter 1. In the storm Never look at God in a bad light focus on him and never loose your confidence in Him!!! ARISE WOMAN AND MAN OF GOD KEEP WALKING NEVER STAY SILENT KEEP PREACHING!!!!!! Hold on to Gods word and His promise……… There is shifting, a positioning and transition that is taking place over many men and women of God right now. The Lord is leading you into new places, new opportunities, new realms and new places to decree the Word of the Lord, and the enemy knows how the glory of God is going to be displayed as He moves powerfully through you, so he is attempting to cause you to run into the caves like Elijah. STAND FIRM!!! STAND!!!! dont withdraw the Lord has increased more Angel's over you the enemy is whispering lies of danger and harm but God is declaring his protection over you…………… @djmokenya @ladashabelle.wambo @rfh_healthcare LINK ON MY BIO

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The ‘Pale Pale’ singer also added that she hopes for a 3rd child despite her difficult pregnancies.

“Nilikuwa natamani (watoto) watatu lakini tunangojea Mungu,” said Size 8.

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