I Had Sex in Church, I Don’t Regret It – Woman’s Naughty Confession

Pews in a church (Courtesy)

For many people, having sex in a church is a taboo, but forbidden fruit tastes sweetest.
A Reddit user recently confessed to enjoying a steamy romp at the church pews.

“[No Regrets] I’m not particularly religious, but I do help out with my local church’s activities from time to time. I volunteered to lend a hand in organizing stuff for my church’s upcoming charity bake sale and stayed back with other volunteers after Sunday mass yesterday to receive instructions from other workers. They were a bit delayed, so we were still sitting on the pews, waiting for them to arrive.

I casually knew the guy I was waiting with, having run into him a couple times around the neighbourhood. He was my age, very cute, with that typical All-American boy look. I don’t know what was so sexy about our conversation, but one thing led to another and we ended up having a quickie on the pew we were sitting on. This all took a grand total of 20 minutes, maybe 30 from start to finish. By the time the workers arrived, our clothes were back in place and we’d rearranged each other’s hair as best as we could. I don’t know if they found out we fu*ked, and I’m not going to go and ask them,” read part of the confession.

Pews in a church (Courtesy)

The lady will be seeing the guy tomorrow where they will engage in a less sacrilegious form of coitus.

“ I’ll be seeing the guy again tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll find a less sacred spot to do it in (if we do it again, we haven’t spoken to each other since then).

Oh, bless me, Lord, for I have sinned, and I loved it, ” she confessed.

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