Why Teacher Wanjiku’s Husband Is Quitting Working as Her Manager

Teacher Wanjiku and Victor Ber (Instagram)

For most couples, working together is not a walk in the park but Teacher Wanjiku and Victor Ber have managed to do it flawlessly for years.

However, the time has come for Victor to quit and he is handing over the management position to another person. This is because he has gotten tired of managing her brand and wants to concentrate on his projects.

“We are changing the management. My husband feels that it’s time we handed over the battalion because he is tired. He is handing over to another person. We are handing over because it’s time and he also has his projects to pursue. It’s something that we have spoken about at length. So it’s for the best. He will be there but behind the scenes as the director. He will oversee a lot of the things,” she explained on Radio Jambo.



Teacher Wanjiku and Victor Ber (Instagram)

Love brewed at work

The couple has been in the arts for more than a decade and their relationship was brewed in the theatre world after Ber took Wanjiku under his wings.

Wanjiku and Ber are not the only ones who met at work. Terrence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby met on the Churchill show in 2013 where they both worked. Milly was the floor manager while Terrence worked as the creative director. Their love story culminated in a grand proposal in 2017.

Milly Chebby during her proposal (Courtesy)

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