EXCLUSIVE: Meet Governor Mike Sonko’s Secret Wife, A Nominated MCA

This man, Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

The once perceived untouchable Nairobi honcho, who is now at the centre of graft charges, clearly has the appetite for money, fame, controversy and fine curvy women.

In August 2018, at the memorial service of former Kibra MP Ken Okoth, the gold-obsessed Governor confessed on live television that he has two living wives — the third is late.

This was to the surprise of hundreds of Kenyans at a time when Ken’s French wife, Monica Lavender Okoth, was getting confused at the appearance of a ‘second wife’, Anne Muthoni Thumbi, nominated MCA in the Nairobi City County Assembly.

Ever since, Kenyans have been guessing who could be the ‘lucky lady’.

But wonder no more. Opera News has dug deepest (sic) and fished out the beautiful face and other finer details of this guarded secret.

Hon. Habiba Ibrahim Hussein. (Photo: Nairobi County Assembly website)

Sonko’s secret wife is Habiba Ibrahim Hussein, who was nominated as Member of County Assembly (MCA) after the 2017 elections — when Sonko became Governor of Nairobi. This is what Sonko did not say at Ken’s memorial service; that he nominated Anne Muthoni alongside his second wife, Habiba Ibrahim Hussein.

Sources at the County Government whispered to Opera News that Habiba rarely attends Assembly meetings, Committee, and sessions as she is more of a stay at home wife.

“I know the relationship. I know she is Sonko’s second wife, that’s why you never see her in the Assembly because she’s supposed to be kept away from the public,” a close source said.

Another source said the Governor and Habiba were expecting a baby some years back but no one knows any other developments because the woman is not in the public.

Interestingly, Habiba has no social media presence at all. It nearly took Opera News a leg and a hand to get one of her photos.

She is one among 38 Nominated MCAs in the Second Assembly of Special Elect Members at the Nairobi County Government where only two are men; Husuni Alawi Mohammed and Kabiro Mbugua.

A screenshot showing Hon Habiba Hussein as one of the Nairobi County Nominated MCAs.

The Nairobi County Assembly Hansard, which records verbatim contributions of members, also has nothing on Habiba.

In fact, she relies on her salary, expected perks, and of course, a stipend from the Governor, but no allowances for local and foreign trips as she rarely travels for official business.

Another nominated ‘Mhesh’, who did not want to be named, intimated that the Governor pays Habiba a hefty stipend to stay out of the limelight including dealings of the Assembly.

A Governor’s wife is very important in a county as she can easily spearhead children and women’s issues, but which of Sonko’s two wives would play First Lady of Nairobi County? – especially at this time when the seat is technically vacant.

Image result for Sonko and wife primrose
Governor Mike Sonko with his wife Primrose Mbuvi. (Photo: Courtesy)

The publicly known wife, Primrose Mbuvi, has been making public appearances engaging in social activities and visiting victim tragedies in the city besides championing for women issues.

However, while other Governors’ wives are active in their election campaigns, Primrose is always missing in action. Even during public functions, the Governor, most of the time, shows up alone.

Though Primrose appeared during the induction of First Ladies in November 2017, Nairobi County hardly feels her presence as a member of the County First Ladies Association.

Just like Margaret Kenyatta is active as Kenya’s First Lady, County First Ladies are crucial, providing the softer side of leadership, influencing issues in areas that might appear too feminine-like infant mortality and maternal healthcare.

Notably, Governor Sonko married Primrose after the death of his high school sweetheart, Njeri Wangui, who died 11 years ago. Wangui was the mother of Sonko’s eldest daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, now allegedly married to Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

With Sonko facing 19 corruption-related offences, we wrote to Hon Habiba Ibrahim Hussein for a comment on their love story with the Governor, but she hadn’t replied to us by the time of publishing.

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