4 Tough Conditions Set for Sonko During Release

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was on Wednesday released on a cash bail of Ksh15 million or a bond of Ksh30 million and a surety of the same.

Issuing the ruling, Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti gave the governor a set of conditions that he, together with other accused person must adhere to.

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Ogoti directed that all the accused persons deposit their passports with the court.

He was also barred from travelling outside the country without the authority of the court.

Sonko, who is well known for using his Facebook account to freely express his thoughts, was also barred from commenting on any social media platform.

All the accused persons were also barred from accessing their offices unless they are accompanied by authorised officers.

The magistrate further directed that any violation of the bail term will lead to the cancellation of the same.

Sonko, together with a number of his county officials and contractors had been charged with more than 10 charges of money laundering, receiving bribes and conflict of interest where they all declined the charges.

Earlier on, Sonko’s lawyers had applied for bail, arguing that the governor was unwell and needed medical attention, but the prosecution opposed any plans to release the governor on bond citing his criminal past and intimidation of witnesses as the main reason.

The governor was on Monday forced to spend two more days in custody after the court referred his bond hearing case to Wednesday.

He was, however, forced to be rushed to Kenyatta Hospital after falling ill at Kamiti maximum prison on Tuesday morning.

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