The Real Reason Wakavinye Missed Kate Actress’ Baby Shower

Real Reason Wakavinye Missed Kate Actress’ Baby Shower

Kate Actress and Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye have been close friends for a while now and have been there to celebrate each other’s milestones in life.

Wakavinye was even part of the wedding lineup for Kate Actress’ ceremony so her glaring absence was felt during Kate Actress’ baby shower.

Taking to YouTube, Wakavinye explained her absence in the baby shower/gender reveal party.

“Wakavinye mbona hukuenda baby shower?” asked a fan.

“Kwa nini sikuenda?” she asked her husband Njugush in their video.

“Hakuitwa,” Njugush said and Wakavinye added, “Sikuitwa.”

“Sikuitwa,” Wakavinye reiterated before bursting out into laughter. A laugh that indicated that all wasn’t good in the hood.

Luxurious Baby Shower

Kate threw a luxurious pink-themed baby shower at the Zen Gardens that was attended by close family and friends like Neomi Ng’ang’a, Phoina Tosha and Minnie Kariuki.

Kate during her baby shower ( @heeniephotography)

The theme was pink but not your usual pinks, the standout theme was blush pink with accents of magenta, white and gold.

Breaking news of her baby shower, Kate wrote, “Be specific in your prayers God listens 🙏🏿😊🌸.”

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