Angry Officer Lectures Kenyans Days After Al Shabaab Killed 7 Cops

As the number and impact of terror attacks staged by militants in Kenya continue to dwindle, the country has gotten lost in the heightened sense of security, forgetting the law enforcing officers working day and night to keep off the dreaded Al Shabaab terrorists.

The task is nowhere near simple, as one irate officer narrates in a viral social media video.

Donned in military wear, the unnamed sergeant is seen alongside his colleagues on a deserted path, trying to fix a faulty tyre on their vehicle.

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Officers patrol a war zone

According to the serviceman, their journey started at Garissa, only to be cut short by a puncture near an Alshabaab infiltrated area.

Hapa mbele kidogo, hawa majamaa wamelipua barabara, imejaa mashimo wakijaribu kuua askari (Just ahead, they-Alshabaab-have blown-up the entire road in a bid to kill police),” the aggrieved officer reveals, angrily calling out individuals who are audacious enough to insult the disciplined forces despite their selfless sacrifice for the sake of the country’s stability.

“Wakati mtu anatusi askari ama anaongea kitu mbaya kuhusu askari aelewe kwamba sisi ni watu ambao tumejitoa kwa ajili yenu mpaka kufa (Before one insults or badmouths police officers, he/she should understand that we have put our lives on the line for your sake),” he continues.

According to the sergeant, when Kenyans learn to respect police officers, the security status of the country will improve even further, since there will be increased cooperation between the two groups, adding that police work is largely traumatising.

“Ndio unasikia mwingine amejinyonga, mwingine amekuwa wazimu amepiga watu risasi, si kupenda…kazi ya askari ni ngumu (You keep hearing reports of officers committing suicide or going berserk and shooting people randomly. It is not their wish. Law enforcement work is difficult),” he rants.

Corrupt leaders are not spared in the officer’s rant.

“Mwito wangu ni kwa yule ambaye anapora nchi yetu. Unatufanyia makosa kubwa sana. Hatuwezi jitoa hivi vyote, na wewe uchukue pesa uweke kwa magunia…naomba Mungu asaidie sana mwendelee kushikwa na kwekwa ndani (To those looting public funds, we cannot sacrifice ourselves this much only for you to pocket our money. I pray that God continues allowing your arrest and imprisonment),” he concludes.

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