Akothee Forced to Speak About HIV Status After Being Admitted to Hospital Several Times

Akothee and her daughters in hospital (Courtesy)

Akothee’s health has become a cause for concern for her fans due to the growing number of times that she has been admitted to hospital.

Some have even claimed that the reason she is in hospital so many times is that she is HIV positive.

Now Akothee has been forced to speak about her HIV status in a bid to quell the speculations.

Akothee in hospital (Instagram)

“For those who want to know my HIV status, did you one day sleep with me so you can commit suicide? Or am I dating your brother? Or what’s your concern, anyway I’ll be dropping it tomorrow, get ready and make sure you drop yours,” Akothee said on Instagram.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks (Instagram)

This is not the first time Akothee has addressed her HIV status. About a year ago, Akothee and her manager Nelly Oaks took a public HIV test and fortunately, it turned out negative.

Celebrating her status, Akothee wrote, “We took an initiative and have ourselves tested. I remember @austin_blacks asking me ‘Mum are you sure you want to do this on camera?’ I said yes! He was sweating on our behalf; the courage came when we knew we had each other’s back. We are best friends @nellyoaks is an angel. I wish all men were like him. He is a friend and a confidant. After the results, we all hugged and were happy, not only because we tested negative, but also the fact that we trust each other. We were ready for all kinds of results.I have seen @awitiphenny, dinned with her, hold her children living happily and free having HIV free children, so she gave me courage. You that is hiding is killing yourself slowly, because when somebody else will expose you, you won’t be ready for the healing process, accept and get tested, so you don’t doubt yourself. One day reality will catch u.”

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