4 Things You Should Never Do At Work End Year Party

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Here are four major things you should never do at an end year party at work;

1.Drinking too much. This is rule number one even if the drinks are free. This is because you will end up doing crazy things that may not be pleasing among your colleagues. This can break your career and you will be judged for every action you do.

Don’t get drunk to get wasted. You need to keep it together and classy.

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2. Sharing too much information about yourself. This may happen especially if you are the type that reveals about everything when drunk. You will end up sharing too much about yourself or maybe open up about a certain colleague you don’t like and this may get you in deep trouble. To avoid unnecessary drama, just drink appropriately.

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3. Dressing like a slut. In as much as it’s an evening party, remember to dress well. You don’t want people to judge you wrongly and think you have been pretending. If there is a dress code, stick to it but keep it cool, classy and elegant.

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4. Do not invite random people or strangers. End year parties are only meant for you and your colleagues. Don’t invite your friends, family or partner because it will be awkward for them. It can interfere with the budget in terms of the food and drinks that had been specified for those that had confirmed their presence.



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