Magufuli Marching Like a Real Commander-in-Chief (VIDEO)

No-nonsense Tanzania President Dr John Pombe Magufuli has lit up the internet after his Communications Director shared a video of him marching like a true commander.

Known for his impromptu visits and a fierce loathing for corruption, President Magufuli has cut the image of a firm anti-corruption crusader in Africa.

Tanzania President Dr John Pombe Magufuli during a past state function. PHOTO: Courtesy

Celebrating 58 years of independence, Magufuli inspected a guard of honour Monday December, 9 in a fashion that is uncharacteristic of African Presidents.

Further seeming to dispel rumours of ill-health, Magufuli gave police leads a run for their money with his marching skills that sent the crowd at CCM Kirumba Mwanza grounds into a frenzy.

In October, Magufuli was rumoured to have suffered a heart attack that saw him vanish from the public eye for close to three weeks.


This was after reports emerged that the head of State experienced the condition while on a campaign rally in South-Eastern Tanzania.

An army chopper is said to have been ordered to take Magufuli to the country’s main airport before he was airlifted to Germany for specialized treatment.


Tanzania will carry out its next elections in 2020 after President Magufuli of the Independence party CCM ascended to power in 2015.

Magufuli has been on the receiving end of both praise and criticism for his style of leadership that is seen as dictatorial.

Under his leadership, the press have been censored with individual persecution of independent journalists and also the revoking of trade licenses.

The country’s main opposition CHADEMA has also been silenced and civil rights activists arrested and tortured by suspected police officers.

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