#KenyaUnderRuto: Kenyans Mock Ruto’s 2022 Presidency with Funny Memes

With just two years remaining before the country heads to the polls to elect the next political leaders, the presidential seat has attracted a lot of interests with Deputy President William Ruto, who has openly declared his interest, finding himself at the centre stage.

Ruto, who is expected to square it out with other political bigwigs for the top seat has widely been accused by a section of politicians of leading early campaigns contrary to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s warning.

Deputy President William Ruto during a past political function. Many online users have expressed varied reactions concerning his 2022 presidency. Photo/Courtesy

And to add water on Ruto’s 2022 already slippery path, Kenyans on Twitter, on Monday, joined hands to mock his presidency under the trending twitter hashtag #KenyaUnderRuto.

Many believed that Ruto’s presidency will spell further doom on the already ailing economy, with some quoting past instances where the DP was mentioned in relation to a number of graft cases in the country.



Some opined that Ruto will use favouritism in his tenure with most of his kinsmen and close friends set to benefit the most once he takes over as the president.

Court cases, like that in the ICC where the DP alongside President Uhuru and others were judged with committing crimes against humanity in the aftermath of 2007-2008 post-election violence, did not go unnoticed as well.

There were also those who chose to remain neutral, castigating the three; President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, Raila Odinga and William Ruto for failing to improve the country’s economy.

While many were busy expressing their views on how the country will be under Ruto, others refused to imagine that the self-proclaimed hustler will one day be the head of this country.

They cited a rise in tribalism, nepotism, as well as corruption, as some of the cases they will never allow the son of Sugoi to lead Kenya.

However, a good number of users were of a contrary opinion, rubbishing those who were busy poking holes on Ruto’s ambitions.

According to them, Ruto’s critics were only full of jitters since his influence across the country was fast rising. They maintained that Ruto was destined for greatness and that the current intimidations were not going to stop his bid.


Others insisted that the hashtag had been sponsored by some political competitors who were keen on bringing Ruto down.

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