KDF Officer Sends Emotional Appeal to Kenyans (VIDEO)

Away from their closed-circuited life of ranks and protocol, a Kenya Defence Forces officer has sent an emotional message to Kenyans from the unlikeliest of places.

Stranded in the middle of the terror-prone Boni Forest with a flat tire, the unidentified officer appealed to Kenyans to respect the entire police service due to the nature of their job.

KDF soldiers. PHOTO: Courtesy

He would narrate how they had made a long and tiresome journey through North Eastern just to serve and protect the freedoms and rights of ordinary Kenyans.

Unaezaangalia ushindwe sasa askari mtu asipojitolea mzuri na hajui anapopitia vizuri mambo itakuwa ngumu (This is a job that requires personal sacrifice without which it could be very difficult),” he states.

“Wakati mtu anatusi askari au anaongea kitu mbaya kuhusu askari, muwe mnaelewa ya kwamba sisi ni watu tumejotolea kwa ajili yenu mpaka kufa na hatujali bora mko salama ( Whenever one insults or talks ill of a police officer, yo should be aware of the fact that we sacrifice our own lives just to ensure you are safe),” he adds.


Last week Friday December 6, some 10 people including police officers and Government officials were killed after Al-Shabaab militants waylaid a passenger bus travelling between Wajir and Mandera.

The attackers are said to have separated nonlocals from the locals before executing them after which they ordered the bus driver to continue with the rest of the journey.

Claiming responsibility for the attack, the militant group said they were retaliating Kenya’s attacks in Somalia.



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