NEWS JUST IN: Body Recovered After Another Car Sinks at Likoni Channel (Photos)

Kenya Navy divers have successfully recovered a body at Likoni channel after another car sunk into the ocean.

The Kenya Ferry Services confirmed that the body was a 46-year-old man.

The deceased is remarked to be the driver of the car who is identified as John Mutinda.

The government institution further reiterated that the recovery process to retrieve the submerged saloon vehicle was still ongoing.

Kenya Navy divers during the rescue operations

The ill-fated vehicle is reported to have been located six metres deep within the Likoni channel.

The body of the man has been taken to the Coast General Hospital Mortuary.

The ongoing operation to recover the car with the registration KBX 475B is being done by the Kenya Coast Guard Service, Kenya Navy and the Kenya Ferry Services.

Mutinda has left behind a wife and twin children.

The family of the deceased mentioned that they were yet to see the body.

Body of the man being offloaded from the rescue boat
Body of the man being taken to the waiting police vehicle
Body of the man being ferried to the mortuary

The incident occurred at 4.20 am after Mutinda purchased a ticket and drove off to the ramps at a high speed towards the ocean.

Efforts by the ramp controllers to slow him down were futile as the vehicle ended up in the waters.

This is the second tragedy two months after a car with a mother and daughter fell into the ocean while aboard a Likoni ferry.

The victims Mariam Kighenda and her child Amanda Mutheu were the occupants of the automotive machine that took 14 days to recover from the deep waters.

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