Was Sonko Heading to Shimo La Tewa Prison? Kenyans Wonder After His Arrest

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko found himself in more problems than he anticipated when he became the head of the city.

DPP Noordin Haji came after Sonko and ordered the arrest of the flashy politician together with his compatriots.

The intensified hunt for the man who recently was insinuated to be the ‘most dangerous person’ in the country, was due to graft claims.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in handcuffs

Following the directive issued by Haji, detectives from the EACC moved with effectiveness and apprehended Governor Sonko at Voi.

The anti-corruption body had confirmed that the embattled leader was taken in as he tried to escape arrest.

Reports which later were confirmed by the controversial politician stated that he was headed to Mombasa.

This information drew a flurry of reactions from netizens who claimed that the trouble Sonko was going to Shimo la Tewa prison.

Here are some of the reactions:

Mboka Nkolo stated that,” He’s already being processed in Kiambu police station before he’s flown to Shimo la Tewa on Monday.”

Eric Atitwa remarked that,” Dear Sonko, when u get close to people who got into power through dubious means u act dumb. He came so close to deep state secrets n spewed them to the poor. The state is afraid he can incite masses under the auspices of Ruto his master. Unlike Miguna his other home is Shimo la Tewa.”

Another netizen identified as Joe Mara questioned that, “Now I think unaonea Sonko. He was probably going to hide under their nose; next to Shimo la Tewa prison. Who would imagine a long gone fugitive would be hiding next to the prison complex?”

Hon. Peter Kariuki noted that, “The leader of all thugs Mike Sonko will sleep in a police cell until Monday when he will be taken back to Shimo La Tewa Prison where he escaped from years back. People of Nairobi getting justice slowly.”

Jabial muttered that, “Enroute to Shimo la Tewa prison to collect his caution money.”

Netizen identified as Data Experts joked that, “Why should they arrest Mike Sonko in Voi when he was actually heading to Mombasa to surrender himself to Shimo la Tewa prison where he wants to serve his remaining jail term? Can’t they allow him to surrender honourably?”

Despite the troll, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen was among the few people who seemed to have felt bad for the predicament the county boss was facing.

Murkomen reiterated that he will stand by his friend and hopes justice will be served.

He further condemned the manner which Sonko was treated noting that there are other corrupt leaders who are being protected by the elite from such a drama.

“Gov.Sonko enjoys his Constitutional right to be presumed innocent till proved guilty. He is my friend&I wish him well as he proves his innocence.  You don’t run away from friends. I also know many governors; Mombasa, Machakos, Siaya etc who are protected coz they are politically correct,” read a tweet by the Majority leader of the Senate.

Shimo La Tewa jail term

In November, officials from the coastal prison moved to court and demanded that Sonko should go back to the facility to complete his jail term.

In 1988, the flamboyant governor was convicted and decreed to pay a fine of Ksh200,000 or serve a six-month jail term.

If that was not enough, Sonko was sentenced in another case where he was required to pay a fine of Ksh500, 000 fine or serve a six months jail term.

In both occasions, the leader failed to raise the funds and opted to go to prison.

The big question posed is how will Sonko wriggle his way out of this latest dilemma.

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