Babel at Arsenal as Ozil Clashes With Coach, Fans Want Ljungberg Out

Something is happening at Arsenal. And it’s not winning, they never do anyway. the arsenal has no bullets and even the feeble teams facing relegation can beat them at home with ease.

It was another bad day in office for six-day-old Arsenal caretaker coach Freddie Ljungberg as he led the Gunners in sliding down the league table than he found it.

A combo of Arsenal coach Freddie Ljungberg and stars Mesut Ozil and Guendouzi.

The environment around Emirates could not be expressed better than a furious out-of-form Mesut Ozil who came out hurling harsh words at teammate Alexandre Lacazette  before facing his compatriot and Arsenal coach Per Mertesacker.

As he boiled with anger, he was seen being escorted by Mattéo Guendouzi as fans lambasted the team for poor results and even some demanded and prayed for the return of Arsene Wenger at the helm of the Gunners.

But Ljungberg has an explanation why his team was gunned down 2-1 by a lowly rated Brighton.

The players were scared, he explained. Just like that, players who have been facing bigger teams like Manchester United were scared of Brighton.

“In the first half they were scared to get the ball and a bit scored to move, they were just standing still,” he said after the match.

But fans do not want to hear anymore explanations and have flooded online platforms to vent their anger and demand that the coach be sacked, just six days after he replaced Unai Emery.

The loss means that Arsenal are almost repeating the 1977 history when they went without a win in 10 matches. At the moment,  they are on the ninth without a win.

Arsenal is now comfortably sitting at position 10 with 19 points just three places ahead of Brighton with a point adrift.



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