Angry Uhuru Sends Warning to Ruto’s Foot Soldiers Over BBI Report

President Uhuru Kenyatta showed a different side during a public address in Mangu, Kiambu County.

Uhuru during a dispensary opening ceremony, breathed fire over those against the recently released BBI report.

The angry president remarked that Kenyans had enough of the political wrangles being propagated.

An angry President Uhuru Kenyatta during a past public address

He noted that citizens should not be influenced to make decisions by leaders who could not accept change.

The Head of State remarked that the people should read the document for themselves in order to make the right verdict.

Ndipo mimi nasema tujisome sisi wenyewe kwa sababu kuna mambo muhimu ambayo inagusa maisha ya kila mkenya(That is why I am saying that we all need to read the document for ourselves because there are issues that touch on the lives of every Kenyan),” uttered President Uhuru.

The Jubilee party head reiterated that Kenyans should be vigilant to know how funds are being used.

The Commander-in-Chief mentioned that the inquiry should not be based on arguments and hate.

Kama serekali ya Japan na Kanisa ya Katoliki wamejenga hii hospitali kwa milioni nane, hiyo pesa bilioni sabini inaenda wapi kila mwaka. Hiyo ni swali tunafaa tujiulize kila mwaka ama namna gani? Na ndio nasema siyo chuki au mabishano na mtu(If the government of Japan and the Catholic church here construct the hospital for Ksh 8 million, where does Ksh 70 billion go every year. That is a question we need to ask ourselves every year),” Uhuru expressed.

Kenyans are not fools 

The son of the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta highlighted that the people of the area should not be made fools.

The fourth president of the republic articulated that he wanted peace and unity to prevail in the nation after he retires.

The tough-talking politician promised that he would visit the area on a different day to address the BBI matter.

Uhuru insinuated that he had enough of the controversy being preached by the pro-Deputy President William Ruto’s camp that is against the report.

“We will come and talk about this matter because we have reached a point where we have said enough is enough.

“Before we even released the report, they kept transversing the country telling us different things. Now that the findings are out, they have taken a different direction,” an angry President Uhuru observed.

Anti-BBI leaders lack a sense of direction

According to the leader who is serving his final term, those against the project lacked a sense of direction.

In addition, Uhuru conveyed that concerns for Kenyans should be on how they are governed and not who will govern them.

The president’s utterances could be read as a clear indication that the rift within the ruling party has deepened more.

Uhuru and Ruto during the BBI report launch read from different scripts signalling that there was trouble in paradise.

The big question raised is, has the Uhuruto alliance finally come to an end?

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

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