How Machakos Medics Killed Colleague in Cold Blood

Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have unravelled an intricate web of the heinous murder of a Clinical Officer in Machakos.

Mr Paul Kyoko Nzoka was reported missing on the 26th of November after his wife who stays in Kariari, Embu failed to reach him on phone.

Crime scene. PHOTO: Courtesy

The woman would travel to Matuu town from where the late Mr Nzoka was living in a rented house due to its close proximity to Kisiiki Health Centre where he worked.

On arriving at the house on November 30, it was securely locked from outside, indicating that Nzoka may not have been staying there for some time.

Alarmed, Nzoka’s wife would make a trip to record a statement on the disappearance of her husband after which investigations commenced.

Detectives would proceed to arrest Mr Franklin Mbithi Muyanga who is the In-Charge at Kisiiki Health Centre.

Police reports indicate that Mr Mbithi had been having work-related differences with the deceased and that the murder had taken place in Mbithi’s NZE car.

Details of police investigations reveal that Nzoka was picked from the health centre in Mbithi’s car.

Inside the car, a hired hitman Mr Samson Kataka Otaalo was tasked to effect the murder while another a nurse at Ikombe Level Two Hospital in Yatta identified as Bernard Maore Mang’ong’o was tasked with disposing of the body.

DCI sleuths have managed to arrest the three murder suspects who revealed that Mr Nzoka’s body was thrown in River Athi after being strangled to death.

While the disaster management agencies are working to retrieve the body, police have recovered the murder weapon- a rope and Nzoka’s damaged phone.

The three accused will be arraigned in Court Wednesday, December 4.


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