CS Magoha Joke Leaves Teachers in Stitches (VIDEO)

Known for his rather strict appearance, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha apparently has a funny bone, at least when he is with his fellow teachers.

Speaking during the annual Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association (KEPSHA), CS Magoha left the teachers laughing on end.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha. PHOTO: Courtesy

Reacting to the just-concluded form one selection for National schools, Magoha chided headteachers against the habit of shortchanging needy students during admissions.

It is from this remark that Magoha began narrating the hardships he underwent while growing up.

“We used to sleep on a mat, four of us and one long blanket,” CS MAgoha narrated. “So if you are intelligent, you stay in the centre,” he continued amid thunderous laughter from the headteachers.

He would challenge the school heads to carry on the good work they have been doing and to ensure they leave a positive legacy in their respective schools.

Magoha would also divulge that he grew up on a diet of ugali and sukuma wiki and that they would only have omena during the “lucky” days.

Here is the Video

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