Residents Trapped on Rock as Floods Hit Makueni

At least three residents of Makueni County are trapped on a rock after heavy rains marooned them at the Yikivuthi ‘island’.

The three men who have since been identified as Muinde Kasuu, Mutei Kiambi and Mutuku Tila are said to have been trapped on a rock since Saturday.

A chopper hovers above a forested area. PHOTO: Courtesy

The three manual labourers, who survive on charcoal burning, are said to be surviving on wild berries even as they wait for police help.

This comes after two people were rescued by a police chopper from the upper part of Athi River.

Makueni County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim told the press that some 10 people had died from the vagaries of extreme weather, with most of the victims losing lives after attempting to wade through the flood.

Area residents have been camping at the Yikivuthi island pleading with the trapped men not to attempt crossing the river.

Makueni residents displaced by the floods have been offered accommodation in nearby schools with Red Cross providing their meals.

Kenya Police Service deployed five of its choppers to assist in rescue missions on flooded areas.

Sunday, a man was rescued from a patch of grass in Kilimambogo, Thika after he was marooned by the raging floods following a heavy downpour.

A police chopper would land on the grass chopper to save the man believed to have spent at least two days waiting on help to come by.



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