5 Reasons Why Kenyan Ladies Should Avoid Wearing Thongs

A thong is very sexy and some women prefer wearing it daily. This is because it does not reveal the annoying panty line in one’s outfit and it does not shape one’s buttocks in a weird way.

To all the thong lovers, it is very okay to rock them how you feel like but you need to know they have a negative impact on your health.

Here is why you need to avoid wearing thongs all the time;

1. It can cause inflammation. 

Anytime you wear a thong, it will always be in your vagina and buttocks. Due to the string interfering with your vajayjay, you will experience inflammation( the body’s way of signalling the immune system to heal and repair damaged tissue)and chaffing(this is where sores are produced due to friction of the skin). After experiencing this, there is a possibility that you will have trouble going to the washroom due to the irritation caused.

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2. It can change your vaginal odour. 

Anytime your vagina is excessively moist that can result in bad odor. This may indicate that you have an infection down there which will force you to go to the gynaecologist. Avoid wearing thongs all the time and switch things up by wearing cotton inner wears which are more comfortable. They won’t give your vagina a hard time.

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3. It can make you feel like itching down there. 

This can be so uncomfortable especially if you are in the public. If you are not used to wearing thongs you will experience this. The itchiness can also be brought by washing the thong with strongly scented soaps. The vagina is the most sensitive organ in a woman’s body, so you have to treat it like your baby.

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4. It can change the PH of your vagina.

A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. This range helps the vagina keep bacterial and fungal infections off. The fabric of your thong plays a huge role because it can cause excess moisture which later results in change of the PH. This will later develop to an infection, skin irritation and inflammation which is not healthy for your vajayjay.

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5. It can cause thong burn.

Every movement you make will definitely cause irritation when the thong fabric rubs against your skin. This will make you develop rashes that have an annoying burning sensation which may give you a hard time when going to pee.

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Simply avoid wearing thongs all the time if you do not want to experience infections and make your vagina unhealthy. NB: Don’t forget to wear it in the bedroom for your man because it will turn him off.

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