Video Of Raila Partying Stirs Mixed Reactions

African Union special Envoy Raila Odinga’s moves on the dance floor are becoming common on social media as moments of him taking it easy amidst his serious duties have repeatedly been recorded and shown to prove he is actually a raver like many Kenyans who wait for the weekends eagerly to party.

However a recent video of him getting down to his usual sophisticated styles has been criticized by popular blogger Abraham Mohammed Mutai who has claimed videos of Baba in his private moments should be controlled.

In the videos where drinks are evident on the table, Raila is seen joining a lady and a gentleman on the floor dancing to Rumba beats in the back ground.

Raila Odinga

“Im not saying Baba should not have a good time. Im saying the videos should be controlled. Recklessly taking videos of Baba in his private moments is something that should not be tolerated for a man of his stature.@Silasjakakimba sijui kama nimesema ukweli,” Mutai lamented.

A section of netizens agreed with Mutai giving their personal reasons:

“I don’t even trust people who take pics on dates unless you are a blogger or something or it’s for work I will understand”- Mercy Amisi.

“You are right. But now a days even those so called “bloggers” resort to unscrupulous strategies just to keep traffic flowing on their sites.”-Esther Aruka.

Blogger Abraham Mohammed Mutai

“Upuuzi tupu. Old geezers always drinking and dancing as their minions wallow in poverty and sleep hungry in Kibra. “-Benji Ndolo.

“This is shameless Raila Odinga at 70yrs partying like under 18 trullly money and power is cool”-Antony Wambua.

Many however defended ‘baba’ stating that the septuagenarian had a right to have fun.

“I don’t see anything compromising here, how many vedios of president having a cool dance have circulated on these streets? It’s just being real with life”-Billgrahams.

Image result for so what gifs

“Is a man dancing? Say he enjoys dancing. Is a man drinking? Say he enjoyed a drink. Stop this nonsense of weak minds who want to fix life in a straight jacket.”-Sacrinos.

“What’s wrong with having fun after work… Mnakuaga petty Sana… Tembea Eldoret usiku and see how ngano farmers enjoy themselves in some nightclubs Navle ni wazee”- JACKMPEKUZZY.

“Baba is having fun. I believe even us away from the daily duties, we get time to enjoy ourselves in whatever way good to us.”- Sir Felix.

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