SAD: Kenyan Body Builder Who Developed Strange Muscle Disease Dies

Lenny Rono, a former body-builder, who developed strange swelling in his arms in suspected Synthol injection has passed on.

The sad news was shared by Fay Tall-the woman, who has been running campaigns to save the man from Kericho County.

“Sadly Ronny lost his life. I just want to thank everyone who contributed to his medical appeal when I posted here. My condolences to the family and friends,” she said.

“Still again I just want to urge you to help the family clear the Bills by sending the least that you got to 763424; account number is your name. God bless you as you reach out to them. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” she added.

Since June 2016, the orphan from Bureti constituency has been relying on his aunt and cousins to feed, bathe and even clothe him since he developed muscular atrophy and biceps pectoral muscles due to a suspected case of Synthol injection.

“The condition began with a small swelling in my right arm and when I went to a private hospital in Kericho town, I was just given painkillers and informed that I required surgery to remove the tumor,” said Rono in August.

He added that in April 2017, a year after his right hand began swelling, the condition spread to the left hand.

“I underwent biopsy at the Kericho county hospital but the doctors couldn’t determine what I am suffering from and yet the swelling and the numbness persisted and is now spreading to my neck,” he said.

“The condition makes me feel like I am carrying a lot of weight which my backbone cannot support and that is why I am always feeling fatigued, I have to lie in bed,” he added.

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